Neuroelectrics systems come with powerful software. From NIC our universal device controller with advanced features for EEG and brain stimulation to N... Products SOFTWARE - Neuroelectrics 17.10.2016 22:33:11

enobio ROBUST PRECISE WIRELESS EEG. Signals you can trust Get the reliability of a wired system without the wires. Faithful reproduction of the EEG ... FitxaA4 ENOBIO 08 - Neuroelectrics 17.10.2016 22:33:11

Neuroelectrics devices generate a series of files and formats. Proprietary ones are in bold - The .easy data format ASCII plain text - The .info file ... Files Formats - Neuroelectric s Wiki 17.10.2016 22:33:10

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4 About the NIC User Manual The NIC User Manual belongs to the Part III of the Neuroelectrics User Manual v2.0. The Neuroelectrics User Manual v2.0 ... Neuroelectrics User Manual 2 17.10.2016 22:33:10

starstim NONINVASIVE WIRELESS HYBRID EEG tCS NEUROSTIMULATOR What is tCS Transcranial current stimulation tCS is a form of neuromodulation which uses ... FitxaA4 STARSTIM 13 - Neuroelectrics 17.10.2016 22:33:10

NE046ab MRI FILTER HARNESS. The MRI filter is the most important component of the MRI compatible kits for stimulation. The Bipolar kit requires the use ... Products MRI STIMULATION MRI FILTER HARNESS ... 17.10.2016 22:33:10

About Event Related Potentials ERPs An event-related potential ERP is the measured brain response that is the direct result of a specific sense sensory ... Event Related Potentials ERPs - Neuroelectric s Wiki 17.10.2016 22:33:10